Posted in May 2012

Grazing Chickens

This past weekend we decided it was time for our chickens to get out for a while.¬† However, they’re not quite ready for the full free range experience, or maybe we aren’t. ¬†Because we don’t want them wandering on their own, what with all the local hawks, we built them a chicken tractor. Chicken tractors … Continue reading

Houston Without Air

Initially we thought about dedicating a blog to living in Houston without air conditioning, but we came to the conclusion that not only would that be esoteric, but boring.¬† But we’ll post now and then about our life with minimal air conditioning. This week the temperatures have climbed into the 90s and the humidity is … Continue reading

The Goat Project

Most of our two acres is a dense tangle of trees, large and small shrubs, poison ivy and other vines and just thinking about thinning it out is tiring. Mother Nature would take care of this with fire, and many people would use a bulldozer. Neither of those was our answer, though. Instead we’re using … Continue reading