Adios Goats

Before Goats

The goats have gone and we miss them.  Stella and Link, our Dobermans, miss the excitement of running to the windows every time there’s any chance of seeing the goats.  In the three weeks they were here the goats became part of the family.  We adapted to their rhythm – indeed, they trained us well.  They wanted to be let out of their pen by 6:30 in the morning (that fit in with going out to get the paper), and they expected their snack of corn at 6:30 in the evening, when they were shut up for the night.  The goats caused lots of drivers to slow down and sometimes stop to talk if we were outside.  Kids walking on the other side of the street would start “baahhing” when they saw the goats.  We even had one or two hopefuls stop to ask if we sold goats.

Same View, After

Melinda had told us that if we cut tops off the trees too large for the goats to push over, they would eat the tops. So Rick spent quite a bit of time cutting down Chinese tallow tree tops and huge supplejack vines for them. It was like a rugby scrum, with goats climbing on top of and over each another.  Ever hopeful, they followed him everywhere in Pied Piper fashion.

Dawn, the goat mauled by the dog, is recovering.  She had a rough week or two, but she’s up and about and eating. Melinda thinks she may always limp on her left rear leg, but we are just so glad she pulled through. It could have been a lot worse than a limp.

The property is enormously different now.  What was once a thicket of underbrush is now a more or less neatened up little woodland.  Trees small enough to be flexible were pushed over by the goats, and stripped of leaves.  Most of the vines are gone.  Now it is possible to walk around and plan what to leave and what to remove.

Would we do it again?  Absolutely!  We are already looking forward to having them back.  They are good guests; undemanding, fun to watch, and very good at what they do.  It was a great experience!

Cleaned Up!


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