We were expecting our first egg sometime in June, and we got it, just in time. The other morning we were drinking coffee and reading the paper (yes, we still get a paper delivered every morning) when we heard a huge ruckus from the chickens.  It didn’t last long so we thought nothing of it. Later we went out and found our first egg!

We had managed to put off building a nest for them a little too long, and the egg was in a little depression in a corner of the coop.  We got to work and put it together, a nice little box with two compartments.  We installed it in the coop and to our surprise someone immediately laid an egg in it. Happy day!

At this point we’ve had a total of six eggs and we think they’ve all been laid by one hen. Eggs are usually, if you’re paying attention, individual enough that you can spot those laid by the same hen; they’ll be the same shape, color, etc. The six so far have been identical in shape and very similar in color.

First eggs are usually small, sometimes tiny. It can take time to get the egg assembly line in sync and sometimes first eggs lack yolks. Ours have all had yolks. We boiled them and used them in yesterday’s Fourth of July potato salad. The yolks were so brilliant that the whole salad was a beautiful yellow.


One thought on “Eggs

  1. And what a delicious potato salad it was. I had know idea we were eating your very first eggs. Thank you for sharing!

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