Summertime Is For Outdoor Showers

One of the best things we thought of when we planned this house was an outdoor shower.  We have plenty of privacy and the perfect spot for one: just outside the back door, on the raised part of the concrete pad. It’s pretty basic, just a shower with a four foot hose and a temperature/on-off dial. No soap dish, no towel rack, no frills at all. But we love our outdoor shower.  The water drains off the porch and down a gentle slope into the woods.

Besides showering ourselves out there we bathe the dogs and use the shower for various jobs we don’t want to do in the house. It’s very handy.

Another big advantage is that it keeps the showers in the house clean and dry. I’m not averse to cleaning them as needed, but going for months without doing so is super.  Given our minimal to non-existant use of air conditioning  it’s especially important to keep humidity inside as low as possible. Even with really good exhaust fans, showers add lots of humidity.  This is not a problem when you’re outside.

We work out there a lot, even when’s it’s hot and humid (about six months a year here) and it’s SOOO

nice to be able to clean up outside without bringing dirt, sweat, twigs, etc. into the house.  But it also feels great.  Even a tiny breeze during a shower is very refreshing.  When was the last time you felt a breeze in your shower? It’s truly delicious.


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