Waterer For Four Hens

We’d been looking for a better way to water our four chickens. A crock of water was what we started with, and even sitting up on a block, it was always full of mud and worse. Because we have just four hens, we didn’t want a gravity fed, two-piece waterer, because they have to be taken out for filling and cleaning, and our little coop really doesn’t have a place to hang one. The water systems that use a five gallon bucket with tubing to carry water into the coop look interesting, but as with the gravity fed waterers, it was way too bulky for our set up.

So one day I was picking up layer pellets at Southwest Fertilizer when I spied what looked like the perfect answer to the waterer quest: A Lixit soda bottle fount. The package says to use an old fashioned glass soda bottle, but we had a couple of Fiji water bottles on hand, and they work great. Since then I’ve discovered that almost no other plastic bottles do. The tops just don’t fit snugly enough, or are too long. But the Fiji bottle is perfect. Both the small and large bottles work, though I put a support under the large ones, because they’re so heavy they tend to push the drinker down just a little too much. Set up is a breeze. Remove the water bottle lid and snip off the little locking ring. Push the round end of the little drinker firmly onto the top of the bottle, and you’re set. My coop has half inch hardware cloth on the sides, and I had to snip out a square inch to get the drinking end inside the coop. The spring that comes with it has a snap on each end and was easy to clip to the wire.

The four hens drink almost a large bottle per day, and when it was hot over the summer, sometimes more. So I have two large ones on the coop and a small one on their portable day pen.


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