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Adios Goats

The goats have gone and we miss them.  Stella and Link, our Dobermans, miss the excitement of running to the windows every time there’s any chance of seeing the goats.  In the three weeks they were here the goats became part of the family.  We adapted to their rhythm – indeed, they trained us well.  … Continue reading


We are truly impressed by the goats: our four legged mowing machines.  They are working long days and are quite pleased by what our property has to offer.  Chinese tallow tree leaves are, by far, their favorite, followed closely by Alabama supplejack leaves and Japanese honeysuckle.  To be honest, they seem willing to eat everything. … Continue reading

The Gang’s All Here

Melinda pulled in with 21 goats in a trailer yesterday and parked in the shade while she set the fence up. Given all the underbrush and especially those pesky vines that kept grabbing the fence, that took a while, even with the clearing she did a few days ago. Then it was time to let … Continue reading

The Goat Project

Most of our two acres is a dense tangle of trees, large and small shrubs, poison ivy and other vines and just thinking about thinning it out is tiring. Mother Nature would take care of this with fire, and many people would use a bulldozer. Neither of those was our answer, though. Instead we’re using … Continue reading