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Weathering the Summer

One of our first posts at the beginning of the summer was about not using air conditioning.  We decided that we would not use any, if possible, over the course of the Houston 2012 summer.  Now, with the first cool front pushing through, perhaps marking the end of summer, we can look back. We did … Continue reading

Summertime Is For Outdoor Showers

Summertime Is For Outdoor Showers

One of the best things we thought of when we planned this house was an outdoor shower.  We have plenty of privacy and the perfect spot for one: just outside the back door, on the raised part of the concrete pad. It’s pretty basic, just a shower with a four foot hose and a temperature/on-off … Continue reading

Drought Relief

We got just over three inches of rain over two days last week.  It was welcome, as the last few weeks have been extremely dry.  We like to have our cisterns full at the beginning of summer because Houston summers tend to be very dry.  Plus, the pond needed more water as it was starting to get low and … Continue reading

Houston Without Air

Initially we thought about dedicating a blog to living in Houston without air conditioning, but we came to the conclusion that not only would that be esoteric, but boring.  But we’ll post now and then about our life with minimal air conditioning. This week the temperatures have climbed into the 90s and the humidity is … Continue reading